Carbon Credits: How do you achieve transparency?

The packaging industry must recognize and respect consumers desire to maintain a smaller carbon footprint, evidence continues to pYour in from around the world that carbon pricing can reduce emissions, and it can do so without a significant impact on jobs or economic prosperity, furthermore, develop your goals by assessing the carbon risks and opportunities for your business.

Confusing Credits

Numerous initiatives to finance conservation projects have been launched in recent years, offset credits can be generated and used for compliance within a regulatory program (compliance offsets), or created through voluntary offset programs, equally, you believed supporting direct regulation would divert focus from the goal of decreasing carbon emissions and be potentially confusing.

Reliable Transparency

Mitigation efforts, as akin carbon sinks store more carbon per unit area than any other ecosystem in the world, establishing clear rules for creating eligible and reliable offset credits is important for maintaining the credibility of the carbon market. Also, to engage responsibly in climate policy, organizations must adopt core elements of legitimacy, opportunity, consistency, accountability and transparency.

Resilient Review

Accounting of trade in carbon credits between capped schemes should be relatively straightforward, review options for the reduction of carbon emissions, particularly embodied carbon emissions. Along with, asset owners have an important role in the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy.

Able Program

Reduce your environmental footprint with a one-time purchase of personal carbon offsets, over time, feedback from a diverse array of stakeholders actively using the challenge helps you understand how to refine and improve the program to have the greatest impacts, also, carbon asset is first and foremost an intangible asset, it represents an amount of credits of carbon emissions you are able to use.

Want to check how your Carbon Credits Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Carbon Credits Self Assessment Toolkit: