Service Level Agreements: Are service credits an exclusive remedy?

Service credits are pre-defined penalties enforced when vendors miss minimum performance standards, saas technology providers often provide a base service level, and more sophisticated SaaS services may provide for higher-level tiers and support options. For the most part, make sure that you pay your invoices so that you can ensure your top-quality services .

Applicable Services

The sla is generally part of an outsourcing or managed services agreement, or can be used in facilities management agreements and other agreements for the provision of services. In addition, one or more of your affiliates and, or service providers will assist in providing terminals or other equipment. In the meantime, ensure any work done by subcontractors meets or exceeds the applicable service levels.

As many of you know, it establishes goals, responsibilities, how to measure performance, response and resolution, reporting and escalation, contacts, remedies and penalties. As a rule, which are applied as discounts in the next period of service.

Paid Customer

For software-as-a-service or cloud-based applications and services, slas are the most common tool used for documenting and measuring the performance of the product, one of the more common forms of remedy is a service credit, often a percentage of fees paid by the customer for the period in which the SLA failure occurred.

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